Review of A Piece Of String, A Sunset [12k1023]

DeBug (DE)

I am always looking forward to new 12k CDs. Especially when new acts present their interpretation according to the label-philosophy of “synthestic microscopic sound designs” and “minimalist compositional aesthestics” – like Doron Sadja with this CD for example. In the 5 tracks of his debut release he is exploring the subtle fluctuations in tone and amplitude created by the combination of sinewaves nearly identical in pitch. The emphasis on pitches near the threshold of human audibility is what we are already used to from the 12k label. New is the aspect of extreme frequencies and randomatomization of data/sound files being combined with sounds of a violin (played by Amie Weiss) and loops of manipulated guitar (John Anderson) forming a highly synthetic yet still organic body of music. Interesting!

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