Review of Dust [12k1019]

DeBug (DE)

Everyone should know and listen to the output of the Label 12k, seeing as they are one of the biggest proponents of multifaceted laptop mini-sounds. In contrast to Mego (the other big label in this field) the focus of every release here is on discovered and imaginary melodies and colourful harmonic fragments. Chris Coode aka. Motion already demonstrated these qualities both with his split EP on Fat cat and his longplayer Pictures. On Dust he ups the stakes and delves deeply into the entrails of his box of tricks, smooths edges and appears at times to be emulating early Pole on prozac, then again perhaps Sachiko M without Input on speed. The warhead of “LNR6” destroys all past concepts and experiences: The paralysing rhythm gets under the skin and coagulates the knees. Buy it.

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