Review of Frame [12k1011]

DeBug (DE)

Dan Abrams is the man called, who teaches the Clicks’n’Cutters of this world being afraid with Frame, just because it is the best album, which appeared ever in this category, should it at all give and to Clicks & Cuts also without the same function. Frame runs practically without beats, grooves nevertheless madly pleasantly, so that one actually does not miss anything at all. Ten tracks of full warmth and depth sharpness, freely after the slogan: “I spell experiment “surface” and not “KnirschpelKnirsch”.” Frame radiates thus logical-proves in all directions, functioned in the best way in aquariums and deserts, is freely licencable as wallpaper for multistoried buildings and holds ready more than surprising things in each track. Completely free-floating fantasies, which come along now to spring more than perfectly, are almost essential. A great Quicktime movie comes with it, too. Album of the month.

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