Review of Somi [12k1087]

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This is the first release on 12k label this year and the latest solo-produced album of Taylor Deupree, since 2014.

100% winter works, no wonder – it got released in February. Put on the first track, Minism, come to the window and see what happens. You will see snowflakes falling, fields of white and bright orange sun.

Minism is the introduction to the sound experience, it gets you in the right mood for what is coming next. Get your thickest coat for the second track titled Somi, when we are going to an ice cave, where you hear silver dinging of icicles, blue whispers turning into cold echoes.

You will be surprised, but Taylor used only a limited number of instruments: electric piano, glockenspiel, DX7 and handheld cassette recorder to make the microsound for the whole album. Taylor’s meticulous work resulted in a brittle and fairy base level sound. Listening to the album you keep feeling that this music is a present from the dwarfs from the land of crystals.

Fenne is a similar experience to when you open the Magic Casket, the only difference is no crime or violence involved. You have never heard these sounds before and you never will. Where do they come from and where do they go to?

Do you live in a busy city? Put on this album and close your eyes for a moment, you will find yourself alone in a country side, living the nature and open space, solitude and mystery. You will not find those in your city life.

The tracks of the album make up a peaceful composition and put you in a thoughtful and melancholic mood.

A nice top up to the release is a 20-page book of Deupree’s photographs that he based this music on.

A winter tale.

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