Review of Songs [12k1036]

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All the tracks from the new album La Niña Junco (released on the label 12k) by Federico Durand are real lullabies reminding us of the beautiful and tranquil time of our childhood. You won’t find any radically innovative musical moves here; instead you’ll see how using just sincere ingenuity and sound a musician can create a musical piece with ease and simplicity.

The first track La historia de la niña junco is a tender beginning to Federico‘s story. Just a few minutes in we can already feel the forest and the sound of the wind, listening to his track with a title that speaks for itself: Navidad en el Bosque. I’m also impressed by the harmony of the background noises and the lead melodies of the tracks. Far-away rustles, micro-sounds and keys of the track Rondelalso perfectly fit the overall theme of the album. The mood of this work is pensive and melancholic.

In my opinion, the main «talking» piece of La Niña Junco is the track called Una plaza junto a las vias del tren; its light and marvellous melody sticks in your memory. It should be noted that the original cover for this release was created by Lola Goldstein, a famous artist from Argentina, the home country of the musican himself.

As listen to it again and again, I like to imagine how multiple generations of young people grow up listening to the sounds of Federico Durand‘s music; and let us not forget about the adults, they can be dreamers as well!

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