Review of Upward, Broken, Always [12k2042]

Das Filter (DE)

(translated from German)

It’s back to Ohio. This time, however, deliberately in capital letters, because for Taylor Deupree and Corey Fuller is the Buckeye State home. How were both born, they grew up here, they eventually packed their covers to disappear. For many years they have been working on their common record to connect, question, and break up their familiar and learned musical approaches. Superficially heard, this is little more than soulful indie songwriting with plenty of sound design in the background, a lot of melancholy and vocal-free space. The beauty of this production is simply overwhelming, not least because in between it is always so wonderfully tugging, pushing and squeaking – in the emptiness that symbolizes the vastness of the landscape and the dream of the distance, which is often so close, in a unique way concretised and underlined. And there is also a hit. Her version of Damien Jurado’s “Ohio” comes to tears. A wonderful plate.

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