Review of Mount Carmel [12k1090]

Das Filter (DE)

Translated from German:

For a long time I have not heard a record that burned so softly into my memory. Michael Grigoni plays Dobro, Lap Steel and Pedal Steel Guitar – and mixes this instrumentation with gently placed field recordings into a sound world that takes you in the truest sense of the word. This should individually program the ailing soul of the listener into the navigation system of the heart. Michael himself says about this album – his fourth – that it is ethnographically motivated. The composer is conceptually close to Brian Harnetty, even if the result sounds completely different. He is approaching his childhood – growing up near Los Peñasquitos in California. This is a thought exercise, a conscious sinking into memory. That may have a verklärende effect, which is reflected in the sound of the music, but does not matter. Because the eight tracks convey a sense of space, fragility and deep positive-tuned melancholy that leave so much room for your own story, that you can immediately connect with Grigoni, shy waves and hand outstretched. Pure beauty that has been sandpapered any kitsch with the sandpaper of the time.

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