Review of Break [12k1089]

Das Filter (DE)

[translated from German]

Last year, I almost lost faith in piano music. Too many upstarts with too much and far too bad Dudel kitsch and pseudo-electronics. Of course, they should all do what they want, and they do. But the really good records can not penetrate with such a release flood, and that’s stupid. So my recommendation: Listen to Corey Fuller. I’m not sure if I ever met his music. I can not rule it out, he has released quite a few albums on 12K, albeit not yet under his real name. Fuller’s handling of the piano is, of course, dirty. Interesting, because even with him, the piano initially only meets electronics and a few sounds. The depth graduation, however, is a completely different one. Fuller wants – I assume him just once – also achieve something completely different and just make a contract at Edel, but pure table. He is the true new master. How this works, is exemplified in the long first piece “Seiche” in which he condenses all the disciplines, which he later decides in shorter episodes, to a large whole and courageously places in the area. His work can not really be located there. The associations are obvious, but more or less all turn out to be clever feint. This creates a confusion in the midst of supposedly familiar terrain that shakes you up rousingly. Of course, gentle. At least for long stretches.

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