Review of Shape Memory [12k1088]

Das Filter (DE)

Only recently, at the last roundtable discussion and a substantive excursion to the Indie standstill, Kristoffer said that it’s totally OK that Slowdive are on tour again: their drummer Simon Scott gets enough money to pay for his “weird solo”. Junk “. Did he just do it again: together with Marcus Fischer. In fact, both hung around together in Portland for a day when Slowdive was not playing. An appointment that was well prepared. Both of them had long been looping loops on tape, which now had to be arranged and enriched. Did they succeed wonderfully? On continuously ruffling carpet (from these same loops), both wonderfully glittering stardust of percussion, cymbals and sound recorded with contact microphones blow into the room, in which guitar guitars and synthesizer synthesizers. Sometimes you feel like you’re in the middle of it all and more, but sometimes also like behind a glass pane that lets you hear the two, but the music overcomes the sound barrier with a sub-sized speaker. Wonderfully improvised and to the point.

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