Review of Twine [12k1084]

Dark Entires (BE)

Taylor Deupree, owner of the fantastische12k record label, loves collaborations. He is known for his ambient works well produced techno under the name Prototype 909 and Arc. The latter project brought together a highly acclaimed minimal technocd on Radical ambient, a sub-label of our legendary native KK Records. He is also a graphic designer.
Marcus Fischer is an artist on the label of Taylor which is mainly engaging in ambient and electro-acoustic music.

It was a tape loop that was still running after a day in the studio that inspired these two gentlemen to delineate the concept for this LP: they would limit their instruments into two mono tape loops of different lengths (ie play) and only using some instruments. The machines that played out the tapes were recorded directly with a microphone placed against their built-in speakers. That way, they get really the role of full ‘band member. service tools are a electric piano, bells and some strings.

What do you get when you do this? The two tapes walk asyncroon so they always go another way confronts as the song progresses over time. Also grab the musicians themselves occasionally. So you get a simple yet compelling form of accidental music. So you hear a whole LP long pleasant band noise, a few modulations and the occasional piece of mechanics. This gives this release a DIY-feeling-what is very pleasant at times of overproductie- but also makes it tremendously intimate and tender. This music is timeless: it had a shot may be from 1963 but just as good in 1998. The overall sound in any case sounds very pleasant to the ears and bring instant peace in the head. It seems such a sense of contemplation, a contradiction that precisely mechanical devices can produce.

this music is only at times be very monotonous. Like atmosphere creator is all quite ok: you now reading a book, you can visit if you wallowing in melancholy on your own with a glass of red wine. An intensive listening session, however, tolerate this drive a little less, although it may also be due to our over-stimulated brain.
I find it very moving song Kern. This is perhaps the most understated composition on the plate but many subtle details make this track perfect for multiple listens. The subsequent Sailmaker among the favorites because of the very wistful tones tentative and subtle but effective volume differences when the tape resumed walking.

Fans whisper music such as Machine Factory will be able surely taste it. Personally find it all a bit too informal, especially for a whole LP. However, I can certainly the intrinsic quality of this work appreciate. Where you can at least not next look, love is noise where both men face. Also, you imagine yourself into their studio on the West Coast, for that matter they have very well understood the concept of communication. This is also a blood honest work, unpretentious and straight from the heart. Finally we want to mention the beautiful artwork that the music reflects a sublime way.

Be sure to check the wonderful clip!

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