Review of Shape Memory [12k1088]

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“Shape Memory” is the result of a refreshingly old school experimental collaboration between Fischer and Scott, who both collected field recordings, processed acoustic sounds and synthetic noises and then brought them along to a studio called S1/Synth Library in the form of tape loops, which they then played back in collaboration, all the whole overdubbing live elements- predominantly guitar and cymbals (Scott is the drummer for Slowdive) but a smattering of other bits and pieces too.

The outcome is a mellow, warm acoustic soundscape of hums and long, melodic tones that hybridise guitar and soft organ-like synthetic tones, around which bubble various atmospheric clicks, tiny bell noises, woodland sounds and the aforementioned arhythmic waves of percussion.

Officially split into three parts, it stands and plays as one 36-minute work that at times feels like the dictionary definition of ambient music, as solidified in the 90’s. It’s richly textured, always giving you some detail to hear without ever causing surprise. As such, straight onto my sleep-time playlist it went.

A very pleasant slice of acoustic-leaning ambient.

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