Review of Twine [12k1084]

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The sonic affinity between Taylor Deupree and Marcus Fischer was clear since their first output “In A Place Of Such Graceful Shapes” in 2011, which sprung out of four days of intensive sessions in the middle of a snow-covered frozen New York, just a few months after their meeting. The imaginary “plaster” of their debut release was remarkably influenced by their passion for photographic arts, while the sparkle of this new output seems to have been a series of looped tapes whose hissing effortlessly and harmoniously mingled with the crackles that resounded in the dim light of a room, where they retired after they spent the whole day in a studio for searching and recording new sounds during a visit to the west coast in the summer of 2015. The physical tiredness, which sometimes alters perception, didn’t appear to be reflected by their hungry for aural findings of these sonic wizards, so that after 15-20 minutes of contemplation while the above-described loop was mingling with their creativity as well, it seems they understood that this input is what they were looking for in the studio during daytime. Unlike the above-mentioned debut album by this bicephalous collaboration, which strongly influenced the sound of Deupree’s label, the “sensorial” focus is on aural perception more than on environmental aspects of sound, even if space and photography keep on playing an important role in the process – for instance, the mechanical noise of the tape machine you could hear on “Buoy” brought their mind to an abandoned dock they photographed in Iceland and its quiet knocking against the shore -. The name of this album, “Twine”, doesn’t only refer to the number of its authors, but mainly to the “symmetry” of its sonic sources: two mono tape loops, acting like knots or bridges, but also as a source of dynamics by means of their asynchrony, and four acoustic instruments (electric piano, bells and a couple of stringed instruments), which makes two different loops, recorded by means of microphones that Deupree and Fischer placed in the room. There are many projects, which focus on this sort of sonic fossilization, but the skills and the experience by Taylor and Marcus make the difference and turn it into a listening experience, which is going to feed and foster daydreaming.

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