Review of Mitosis [12k1077]

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Biologists and many commendable inquiring minds know that mitosis or binary fission is the subdivision of a cell into two separate cells or I’d rather say the phases which precede the birth of two diploid cells, when the homologous “copies” still coexist within a single cell. Such a borrowing from biology perfectly describes the duality of sonic delights by talented Japanese sound-artist Sanae Yamasaki aka Moskitoo, which could sound banal if it got described as the typical and platitudinous dichotomy between human and artificial that many reviewers trout out when human voice and instruments got somehow embedded with electronics in symbiotic balances. Filaments of glitch electronics, feeble and warm sonorities, electroacoustic weaves, flickering tones and graceful vocals which seem to oscillate between delicate arias, exhaled breath condensate and childish hyphenations waves in flurries of daydreaming melodies, which could vaguely surmise some old stuff from Mum or Ruxpin. The above-mentioned process of cellular reproduction is just the conceptual starting-point as she focuses on “the ideas of division, expansion, the human body , and small particles of matter” by her own admission, but listeners will realize that she wisely managed to coagulate all those concepts in this elegant, inspiring and enchanting release, whose subdivision into twelve tracks and many astonishing stylistical pinnacles (“Vulpecula”, “Trajectory”, “Wonder Particle” and “Fragments OF Journey” are my favs) don’t prevent listeners from savoring it as if it were one sole stream in one with nature, emotions and their arcane enchantement.

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