Review of Faint [12k1073]

Chain DLK (.COM)

Any elemental decomposition and “alchemical” analysis of the sound that unstinting and versatile renowned Brooklyn-based sound artist Taylor Deupree moulds could succeed in listing some recipes, but it’s really difficult to give an idea of the taste of his hallucinatory soup: its modelling clay comes from field recordings, organic sounds, lukewarm twining of bass tones, thin streams of enslowed beaming sounds, sprouting instrumental melodies, plunk of crystalline nylon strings, little imperfections, heavenly reverberations and its seemingly wiggly glint which sounds like conflating into ether could vaguely recall some stuff by Robert Rich (particularly in tracks like “Dreams Of Stairs”, “Shutter” and “Negative Snow”), but almost all listeners will by far leave such an analytical approach to lapse and getting absorbed into its mindblowing running, whose emotional radiant heat could find a visual correlation in the photo feature on the artwork, mostly instagrams taken in the woods and other outdoor location by Deupree’s handmade camera. “Faint”‘s glimmer flows without flouncing.

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