Review of For Myria [12k1043]

Chain DLK (.COM)

Another fine product on 12k and if you’re into the style of the label you bet you won’t be disappointed by Jodi Cave. Soft, gentle, ambient electronic not so far from other bands of 12k’s roster and I’m talking about Minamo, Fourcolour and also Taylor Deupree himself (even if his last album is more and more “poppy”). I think you already know Deupree loves japanese musical aesthetics and even if this’ not “japanese electronics”, the zen (apparent) simplicity of the music is definitely oriental. The sound of this For Myria is a blend of electro-acoustic and ambiental processed sounds on which he superimposed some sweet/simple childish lullabies. Quietness is overflowing from every track but though its relaxed atmosphere the whole listening is far from getting boring. In some ways this’ a good mixture of ambient music and electronics and though JodI Cave’s touch is very light, if listened via headphones you can’t but notice there’s an accurate sound research/rework behind this cd. Vibraphones and keyboards are the main instruments for the melody, while an organ drone creates the corpus of the song “Untitled”. Sometimes you have soft noises to color the canvas or even a “percussive sound”, but don’t worry, label dogma has been respected: there’s still no rhythms. Cave decided to use a main instrument for every song and he concentrated on simple melodies and on sound processing where needed, the resulting album is quite homogeneous then. Without any doubt this music is deeply influenced by minimalism but weren’t minimalists influenced by african and oriental (gamelan) music? If you’re into relaxing music you’d better give a listen to this as well as to other releases on 12k, it’s music for the soul. Melancholy will prevail…somehow.

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