Review of Between [12k2026]

Brainwashed (US)

Between is a single track performance recorded on a recent tour of Japan, with Deupree alongside Simon Scott, Corey Fuller, Marcus Fischer, and Tomoyoshi Date, all artists that compliment one another, but each take their own direction in terms of sound. Working with a combination of electric and stringed instruments, the amount of caution and restraint used by each performer is admirable: sounds are kept hushed and quiet, each conveying a sense of intimacy as if being in the room as the recordings were taking place.

Droning tones meld with minimal percussive pings, sounding neither like a traditional instrument nor a random sound, but somewhere in between. At times a ghostly melody, at other times a found object scrape become the focus, with attention slowly drifting between the two. The latter half brings in a bit more electronic instrumentation, mixed with the delicate, natural textures of before. The little clicks and pops that spring up are reminiscent of elements of the so-called Lowercase sound, but here they compliment a soft melodic drift rather than a cold passage of electronic music.

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