Review of Hourglass [12k2015]

Boomkat (UK)

*hand numbered vinyl pressing – 400 copies for the world* An extremely rare 12″ outing for 12k, this EP reunites label boss Taylor Deupree with his long-term collaborative partner Savvas Ysatis. Hourglass sees the duo returning to the lush, modified song-based material highlighted by their 2007 mini album, The Sleeping Morning. ‘Clouds’ might be the best actual ‘song’ these two have come out with to date, taking on a kind of downbeat hyper-real feel that casts acoustic instrumentation and vocals in an unnaturally glossy sheen, giving only a few small gestures towards the kind of electronic complexities we might have come to expect from Deupree. Instead, beautifully cinematic autoharp and harmonica are more prevalent here than anything sourced from computers – part of an organic setup that’s previously seemed like an uneasy arrangement for these two accomplished electronic musicians. Completing the first side is ‘Hourglass’, the longest track here and probably the best of the bunch too, drifting along in a gusty, ambient fashion with plenty of studious improvisational detail coming through in the mix. The B-side begins with another vocally-led piece, ‘Like Ice On A Summer’s Day’, and finally, the duo return to instrumental endeavours, summoning up another blissful soundscape for ‘Somewhere On Earth’, leaving you with a more organic take on the experimental material they’re better known for. Limited to a mere 400 copies for the world, this 12″ comes with a download coupon for the four tracks in both MP3 and FLAC formats directly from the label. Beautiful music – very highly recommended.

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