Review of Twenty Ten [12k1066]

Boomkat (UK)

New Yorker Kenneth Kirscher’s brand of minimalism is breathtakingly focussed and attuned to detail, but its ramifications are huge; we can think of few modern composer/producers whose delicate interventions seem to mess so absolutely with the fundamental physics of sound. This latest collection recording, released on his old sparring partner Taylor Deupree’s 12k, provides almost four hours of music across three discs for you to immerse yourself in, beginning with the clustered bells and chimes of ‘January 4, 2010’, moving onto trebly drones and piano abstraction on ‘November 7, 2011’ and ‘September 25, 2010’, and concluding with the stately static and computerized decay of ‘January 18, 2011’. Magical stuff that engages that’s intellectually stimulating but also possessed of real sonority and soul.

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