Review of Monocoastal [12k1063]

Boomkat (UK)

Markus Fischer joins the illustrious ranks who’ve appeared on Taylor Deupree’s excellent 12k label, presenting a supremely delicate solo debut. He cites his movements up and down the West coast of America during the last two decades as a major influence on his sound, infusing frayed, fractured and quietly restrained compositions with field recordings and allowing lo-fi noise textures to creep and grow around both the artificial and natural sounds like tiny little organisms which slowly catalyse the whole thing into life. Fischer uses an array of battered, salvaged pianos, a xylophone made of wrenches and other unnamed physical ephemera to create harmonic blurs and the kind of gaseous tones you can almost taste on the tip of the tongue. Like Taylor Deupree’s Shoals, Solo Andata’s s/t album or Seaworthy + Matt Rösner’s latest, DSP and obvious use of synthesis are shunned in favour of a warmer, more organic sensation and use of actual physical space and reverb settings to shape his faded polaroid environments. Lovely.

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