Review of Volume Objects [12k1045]

Boomkat (UK)

Further pursuing the mellifluous electroacoustic explorations that have characterised 12k’s recent run (particularly the releases by Giuseppe Ielasi and Jodi Cave), Autistici take sounds from instrumental and concrete sources, warping them into a beautifully organic whole, bristling with a vigorously abstract intensity whilst referencing an accessible harmonic awareness at every turn. From the deeply resonant, microsonic drones of “9V Tree Battery” to the very literally titled “Broken Guitar, Discarded Violin” a great breadth of material is covered over the course of this album, with the latter stages dabbling with some subtle beat constructions (as on the ear-tickling, playful glitches of “Attaching Softness To A Shell [C]”) and an acousmatic dissection of snoring (on “From A False Memory”) which is slightly horrifying but constitutes another finely spun piece of sound design. As an accompaniment to the audio, label boss Taylor Deupree has contributed an eight-page booklet of photography, which nicely taps into some of the imagery suggested by the music. Lovely.

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