Review of Hum [12k1035]

Boomkat (UK)

After the beautiful Omnibus EP on the Community Library label a few months ago, it is refreshing to see Japanese artist Sawako bouncing back onto the scene so quickly. Using processed field recordings and very endearing childlike synthesized textures, Sawako manages to build up delicate and charming pieces punctuated with enough humour to keep it well away from the austere qualities of the minimal electronic scene (you can hear Sawako’s cat meowing on “Patchworked Blanket” for example). As the temperature drops by the day it is encouraging to find 12k providing us with some aural coal to stoke the fires this winter, and the homely comforting qualities of Hum go a long way to doing this. At times resembling Keith Fullerton Whitman’s Playthroughs record, and at others sharing a duvet with labelmate Shuttle 358, this is a very human addition to the 12k catalogue and a necessary diversion from man-made electronic academia.

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