Review of Ääniesineitä [12k1034]

Boomkat (UK)

Harking back to the early days of 12k when they had just begun making waves on the worldwide minimal electronic scene, Ääniesineitä is a back-to-basics release for this ever-reliable label. Following on nicely from Rannisto’s Rotate 12″ on audio.NL, this debut album melds the sound art/experimental sound of Ryoji Ikeda with a more pounding Komet or Pan Sonic influenced 4/4 throb. Although at times coming across like a broken car alarm, there are some stunning moments on the record, highlights being the almost dancefloor friendly “Ääniesineitä 3” and the twisted harmonic beauty of “Ääniesineitä 11”. A record to test a new subwoofer on, this has all the minimal swagger and sub-bass vibrations that you would expect from the best in the genre and is highly recommended for bespectacled minimalists the world over.

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