Review of Status [12k1033]

Boomkat (UK)

If proof were ever needed as to how utterly consuming and expansive microsound compositions can be, then Status is unequivocally it. The product of a dream-team pairing of Ralph Steinbruchel (of Zwischen.raum fame) and Frank Bretschneider (aka Komet), Status evolved at snail’s pace over 2-3 years and this level of development oozes from each and every track. Opening with the sumptuous “Spirale”, Bretschneider and Steinbruchel manage to fuse warmly rendered clicks and cuts fizz with a deeply unconscious line in barely audible melodic underlay – rustling into life over diamond cut precision. This continues on the Andrew Pekler influenced “Antenne”, whilst Bretschneider’s time working with SND surfaces with vengeance on the mealy “Funktion”. Fragile yet strong, Status will appeal to anyone with even a passing interest in the whole laptop / minimal scene, as well as standing up on its own two feet for those not normally that way inclined. Special stuff – a massive recommendation.

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