Review of Between Two Points [12k1012]

Blow Up (IT)

In the crowded mare magnum of compilations aiming at documenting, until it’s continuing to shine, the trail of light of the microwave comet (think of the series Clicks & Cuts on Mille Plateaux and Bip-Hop Generation on BiP-HOp), an important role is certainly due to Between Two Points, at least for the knowledge and perspective of organic systematics with which the matter is being faced by the twin labels 12k and Line.

The two points, which the title refers to, are exactly those on which the sound aesthetics, contiguous but carefully divergent, of the two bodies lead by Taylor Deupree and Richard Chartier take up position: granules of ultra-synthetic sound, rhythmic pointillism and faint hues of melody on one side, digital and terminally reductionist minimalism (the essence of absence?) on the other. So it’s inevitable that, among various post-digital soot, viscous chatterings, bouncings of tiny rhythmic cells and so on, you find here the general staff of microwave nomenclature in its full glory. Headed on the opposite edges by the two home-owners, there are Noto and Steve Roden, Kim Cascone and *0, Komet and Roel Meelkop, Goem and Immedia, Mikael Stav√∂strand and Miki Yui beating again creaking on creaking and silence on silence, with some new names (Sogar, Duul_Drv, Vend) and a formidable autumn raga of a para-religious kind by the eldest brother Bernhard G√ľnter to seal the whole project. (8)

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