Review of Akari [12k1080]

Bleep (UK)

Illuha returns with another lush, stirring set for 12k. Landing somewhere between ambient and minimalism, the Tokyo duo seamlessly blend acoustic instrumentation with subtle swarms of warm electronics. On the extended, dreamlike opener, gently plucked guitar, piano and what sounds like a child’s music box are delicately dissected and processed, then rearranged with stunning results. The sparse, sinister ‘Vertical Staves…’ manages to be menacing with only a scratchy field recording, droning tones and ominous piano, while the ‘The Relationship of Gravity…’ unhurriedly builds to an immensely satisfying climax, thanks to emotive pads. The real standout is ‘Structures…’, whose gentle sway and oceanic samples both imitate and invoke the sea.

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