Review of In The Lens [12k1086]

Black Audio (BLOG)

This is Solo Andata’s fourth full-length album and unbelievably the first I have encountered personally.  Taking a bed of Dictaphone recordings and analogue instrumentation, this Australian duo blend and break these mediums into a pleasant and enriching mix of subtle, yet space absorbing ambience.

Along the way, SA play with textures and audio remnants of other genres.  As an example, the droning tones of ‘Separate Lovers’, nod at a distant drawn out Jazz key, rather than going the whole hog, whereas ‘Porcelain Blue’ draws on late May Day evenings as silhouettes dance with ribbons in the haze of a setting sun.

‘In the Lens’ is a rich and engrossing affair; and is one of those late afternoon or Summer at dusk recordings where it is all too easy to sit and reminisce about past encounters and what may or may not have been.

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