Review of A Traves Del Espejo [12k1085]

Black Audio (BLOG)

Argentinian composer Durand’s journey onto the 12k label came about when they crossed paths on a tour of Japan; and he is a fine fit.

Frederico creates music that filters through an imaginary veil, ever so slightly muted; adding to the gentle harmonies that bounce, occasionally bursting into sparkling rays of light. Looping pitches and melodies jump from tape reels, fragmented and ever so slightly broken at the edges.

There is a fragility to this album, which demands the listener sit back with full focus to appreciate every slight nuance and flutter. As with most 12k releases, this is best experienced in the silence of a room with nothing but the afternoon sun for company.

My only gripe with this album is that after a while it does get a little too samey the longer it goes on. This however, is a small price to pay, for what is by and large, a hypnotically enjoyable affair.

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