Review of Twine [12k1084]

Black Audio (BLOG)

The last time we saw this duo together was on 2011’s ‘In a Place of Such Graceful Shapes’. Both have done other output individually and experimented with other artists, but I enjoyed their last release together and was looking forward to hearing this; safe to say, it doesn’t disappoint.

The gentle harmonics of ‘Draw’ opens this release up perfectly. It’s currently a mild winter as I sit here in this room looking out on what has been a dark, drizzly afternoon and this song just fits my current relaxed state.

Looped drones and acoustic instrumentation, should always work well together if the artists involved have any concept of what they’re doing, or indeed have the talent required. Deupree and Fischer have this in abundance and as one-song flutters into the next, it’s easy to watch the world go by from a raindrop-covered window, with the slow motion soundtrack that they provide. It also leaves me with little to say or do, other than to smile and nod in appreciation for the majority of this release.

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