Review of Mitosis [12k1077]

Black Audio (BLOG)

Tokyo’s Sanae Yamasaki finds time between her day job creating sounds for Japanese television and IOS app’s, once again; producing her second album for the impressive roster of the label 12k.

I am really taken with a lot of Japan’s electronic music scene at the moment and ‘Mitosis’ is no exception. Opening up with subtle glitch, swirling backwards electronics and harmonies lay a comfy foundation for Yamakasi’s vocals to glide over the top.

Obscure as many of the sounds are upon Moskitoo’s latest output, the attention to detail coupled with an ear for composition allows the IDM influence to flow well musically, bringing the whole into a more easy listening experience.

Concentrating on a more ambient soundtrack feel, the majority of this latest album finds its home as an aural accompaniment to sitting on a balcony late at night whilst the bustling neon city lights flicker way in the distance. As electronic as the album is, there is an earthly feeling to this 12 tracker that distances itself in a natural way.

Genuinely pleasant to listen to, ‘Mitosis’ is one of those albums that captures a moment in time; never invasive and massaging the senses with ghostly apparitions. Sanae’s latest work is a wonderfully refreshing approach to the genre that whilst being done before, rarely crops up nowadays in a market that is awash with nonsensical skittish beats.

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