Review of Slow Machines [12k2044]

Bandcamp (US)

The first collaborative record by Michael Grigoni (aka M. Grig) and Stephen Vitiello is a delay-laden, spacious affair. Key to the album’s tone is a kind of organic glitchiness, an electro-industrial undertone that occasionally comes into focus, providing a satisfying contrast to the physical instruments—most centrally, steel guitar and piano. The introductory track is titled after kinetic sculptor Arthur Ganson, whose field recordings make an appearance on the album alongside recordings of Ganson’s sculptures (the sculptures in question were the source inspiration for the album’s title). The soft, synthesized beeps and gentle steel guitar of “Arthur Ganson” make way for a bright and artificial pad intro in “A Clearing”—there’s a remarkable amount of variety in texture here—but the album still remains consistent in its atmosphere and tone, eschewing big emotional climaxes in order to retain cohesiveness.

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