Review of Break [12k1089]

Bandcamp (US)

As featured as part of Bandcamp’s “The Best Ambient Releases of 2019”

Break is a stand-out when it comes to high-concept, effects-heavy, ambient music. Born around a central concept of comparing the intensity of nature with unspecified personal struggles, Break consists of tracks that run between three and fifteen minutes in length (if you remove the silent interval from the count), the instrumental complexity of each track gives them all lives of their own. Take opener “Seiche,” which incorporates thrilling, traffic-like rushes of noise into a landscape of deep sub hits, analog arpeggios, and swelling chord patterns. The interplay between elements on this track is astounding. The production gives the impression of both incredible power and immense control, as a great number of massive sonic elements are woven together so tightly that they almost cease to sound intentional and prepared. A common musical theme on the record is Fuller’s use of piano, an instrument label 12k describes as “an extension of his own body.” Not only does Fuller’s frequent return to the piano do wonders for Break’s coherence, his gentle performance does wonders for strengthening the humanity of the record.

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