Review of Break [12k1089]

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The lead track of Break, “Seiche,” is a masterwork. On first listen, I was immediately hooked by its incorporation of exciting traffic-like sound effects into a sonic landscape of deep bass hits, analog arpeggios, and swelling chord patterns. From Tokyo-based composer Corey Fuller, Break comprises tracks anywhere between three and 15 minutes in length (not including the silent interval), though all are equally developed and innovative. Outside of its composition and sound design (both of which are executed perfectly), one the best qualities of the album is its exceptional flow. Not only is Fuller clearly well-versed in pacing, but a key component in Break being so satisfying a listen is Fuller’s elegant balance between building a distinct and recognizable sound, and constantly experimenting throughout the album’s runtime. In the few short weeks since I’ve first listened to it, I’ve been continually surprised at how quickly time passes before “A Handful Of Dust”’s scratchy, detuned piano appears to signal the upcoming end of the album.

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