Review of Monocoastal [12k1063]

Autres Directions (FR)

A slight breeze, a breath held – in solitary walk along the coast. The sea is wide, single vacant lot of music while breathing and dots. Reference point, observation point, end point: the first test of the American Marcus Fischer, multimedia artist based in Portland, is a beacon unto itself. Nothing can explain such an attraction except the unspeakable mystery of nature at work. The beauty of features, light photography, the sense of space and grain compositions are as familiar as off it. Monocoastal is a pause, a lull, a land of exile – from those that are religiously looking after night without men, without words, homeless. If there is a strong sense of aesthetics and an amount of electro-acoustic manipulations in running order, Marcus Fischer was careful to erase the traces. Echoing guitars, found sounds and textures Impressionist then joined into a sublime and fuzzy line. A singular work, as volatile as persistent. A great disc.

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