Review of Phase Contrast From Recollection [12k3033]

Audion (US)

As an album largely based around sound icons, glitch electronics, and with a lot of the melodic content relying on piano, the seven pieces on PHASE CONTRAST FROM RECOLLECTION each offer a different aspect of the same basic simple idea. It’s not quite what I would call stochastic, but more ambient with the placing of elements in a seemingly random yet composed manner, with vaguely melodic references that hold it all together. As such, the pieces here have the feel of late 1970s era Brian Eno and/or Harold Budd, yet avoid any tunes or progression, and on the other hand have the methodology of some of the prepared piano and percussion works of John Cage and David Tudor, but with much more happening in the variety of other textures heard. So, each piece is like a variant on the same dream state and, when not paying full attention, they could almost be a continual suite.

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