Review of Slip Casting [12k3032]

Audion (US)

Solo Andata is an Australian duo comprising Kane lkin and Paul Fiocco, and this would seem to be their sixth album to date. Their instrumentation is basically samplers, tape machines, synths and guitar, with much of the anomalous sonic content coming from the use of sampling and a wide variety of effects. Amidst all the sonic froth and detritus, most of the musical form in their work relies on locked loops and delay, the former to give a piece a singular purpose and the latter to allow a work to change over time Both methods are used to good effect, and I find moments reminding of 1980s post industrial artists like Zoviet France, 0 Yuki Conjugate and Laughing Hands. The techniques to achieve this, however, are very much of now An interesting outfit then, and well worth keeping an eye on, although their releases are not that regular.

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