Review of Break [12k1089]

Art Noir (CH)

Translated from German:

Slowly it gets on, but with every passing minute the track “Seiche” becomes inevitable. The synthesizers turn into merciless walls, the beats shatter the careless contemplation. What Corey Fuller does on his own here is intense and often so deep that you seem to feel your own bones in the music. Surprisingly, with this experimental ambient work, the artist finally follows a path that has neither committed himself to intimacies nor wants to understand the entire universe. “Break” works exactly as a crowbar for the perception, and as a break for the normal.

Mostly with the piano in the center, the compositions are breathing works, which bring together loud drones and gentle attacks of the stringed instruments. Detached from his formation Illuha, Corey Fuller shows that he understands the seriousness of life alone and is able to master it. Beauty hides everywhere, as “Lamentation” proves. Or “Hymn For The Broken”, which carefully rearranges your pieces with its chords. Here it is no shame to stand in front of individual parts, here this is an important part of the cleaning.

The big thing is “Break” especially when it gets its power out of its own rest and slowly ventures to the emotions. “Look Into The Heart Of Light, The Silence” is like a little brook that can take you along anyway and make you pass wonderful places. Harmonious and dangerous, demanding and healing at the same time. If only a handful of dust remains in the end, not only is Corey Fuller happy, we are all there and start again.

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