Review of September 19, 1998 Et Al. [12k1024]

Ambientrance (US)

A chronological trio examines Kenneth Kirschner ‘s sonic experiments… the three fairly lengthy pieces of September 19, 1998 Et Al. take interestingly different tangents…

Piano and found objects are spaciously scattered throughout “September 19, 1998” (21:24) as randomesque tones, bassy pulsations and tinkly kitchenware clatter occasionally crop up from a lingering silence… a decidedly introspective meander.

By “September 27, 2002” Kenneth has moved on to software synthesizers; in its 19-minute evolution, strange atmospheres of vaporous vibrations coalesce, then fade to crispy bits, and then into a sci-fi warble zone, followed eventually by churning machinedrone vastness.

In dreamlike smears (sourced from MP3s), tonal blurs waver through the initial moments of “February 8, 2003” (12:54) which slips into even-vaguer realms of weightless floatation amid mechanical mists. A mystifying but so-nice immersion into unknowable sonic substances.

Combining experimental compositional theories with modern digital equipment, Kenneth Kirschner ‘s longform tableaus seem to exist in times and places of their own, though open-eared listeners may spend many nicely bewildering minutes in September 19, 1998 Et Al.

More quiet audio oddities from 12k , where you will learn “An advocate of the freedom of information, Kirschner makes his work freely available online, and releases material on CD under intellectual property licenses that encourage, rather than inhibit, the music’s free proliferation and appropriation”. Refreshing!

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