Review of A Piece Of String, A Sunset [12k1023]

Ambientrance (US)

Experience the experiments of Doron Sadja ; his electronic/ molecular collagework in A Piece of String, A Sunset defies easy description…

Slowly fading in from nothingness, nearly-12-minute 1initially throbs against a slow metallic scraping. Textures of radio-interference and grungy squiggles of static play against a shrill keening current… the tableau continues to morph in an unpredictable, though generally rough/strange, series of episodes (with a plethora of stuttering buzzes/bleeps and fractured moans of some sort…). A pinging/ringing atomic void swells in the opening minutes of 2(12:51), where an eventual invasion of sputtering thuds begins. Alarmlike tones sporadically sound, locking into a steadily churning miasma of mechanical proportions… pleasant enough, until it is quickly dissolved by sizzling white-noise, followed by less-corrosive moments of unknowable twitters and electric sibilants. Incomprehensible acrobatics erupt in the glaring contortions of 3(2:46)… fading to silence some time before the piece’s “end”. 4’s random click-n-blurt patterns make for edgy listening until a nearly-musical gleamstream begins to waft through a more-fragmented spray of chords and grit. Subbass undulations are intermittently marked by short, high squeaks as dark 5 presents one last audio-enigma, with a touch of obtuse guitar tonality. Rather disjointed sci-fi-tronic tapestries are drawn across A Piece of String, A Sunset; the title’s more-naturalistic images are radically re-envisioned in Doron Sadja ever-streaming bits and pieces. Very odd listening in vein of a gritty technophilia. B

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