Review of Stil. [12k1020]

Ambientrance (US)

“Peacefully noisy” isn’t an oxymoron; Taylor Deupree’s newest microsoundscapes of Stil. prove that. Enigmatic radiance etched with teeny imperfections defies simple description, but floats rather nicely despite.

Ringing/droning snow/sand just wafts on multiple planes of existence, dreamily churning beneath faint decorative particle glints; its pulse-cycle shifts during its evolution, growing slower, still emitting mirage-like almost-music. Mutedly chiming tones slip from (“short” piece) “Recur” (10:22) backed by a minute (and literal) click-track of vinyl-esque pops and liquid plips.

Glowing through a scritchy sheen of glaze, lovely “Temper” radiates rippling auras of amber light (well, I hear amber…) against low bed of textural grit, evoking something reminiscent of tonal rays shining within flawed glass. Entering upon a thrumming essence somewhere between machinery and magic, “Stil.” (23:08) hovers with inhuman patience; eventually auroral overtones begin to waver above the obscure pulsations, beginning a very-gradual mutual evolution.

Like discovering some particularly appealling modern-art piece, I can’t quite put a finger on what Stil.’s ambiguous freeform floes are exactly (nor why they’re so captivating)… I’m just happy to be drawn so into Taylor Deupree’s cryptically-patterned earvisions that questions become irrelevant. Four tracks equal 65 minutes. A-

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