Review of Dust [12k1019]

Ambientrance (US)

While the track titles of Dust sometimes point toward (more-or-less) obvious concepts, the associated sounds rarely do… and this is a good thing. Motion is a new microsound “voice” from the 12k label.

Barely perceptible radiance is ruffled by semi-rhythmic blurts in the completely abstract circus of “carousel.” Strangely enough, the smears of “Postmark Edit” remind me of Aerosmith’s Sweet Emotion, without all the actual rock parts… you know that vocoded hovering part of the beginning of the song… sort of.

Low tones pulse continually (and dominantly in their own subdued way) through “LNR6” (5:29) as the lightest scritchiness sometimes etches the airwaves. Then, “London Thing” (2:30) loops in muted tonal patterns and flickering accompaniment.

“Coaster” presents a (very!) vaguely loungey atmosphere, or at least that’s what I think I hear. Tiny twinkles flicker beneath the translucent pulsations which quietly surge into Lighter. “Rose Coloured” winds things up with a final flourish of glowing tonal miasma.

Totally enigmatic yet utterly intriguing, the teasingly light sounds of Motion’s Dust just color your surroundings with slips of almost-musicality and a few crispy accents. Enjoyable abstractions! A-

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