Review of Varied [12k1018]

Ambientrance (US)

Like an audio-Rorschach of sonic molecules (or perhaps the emissions of a stuttering Morse Coder), the staccato microblits and increasingly chirpy humcycles of “Varied_03:43” are open to interpretation. Within a deep droning expanse, sizzlier “Varied_04:06” seems to brood in a scattering of firecracker fuses that never bang; eventually almost-music seeps in on brief swirls. Mesmerizing! In “Varied_06:48”, periods of stillness are separated by recurring thumps, then ripples, sputters and occasionally, metallic little notelets.

Between strands of popping particles and distant insectile thrumming, “Varied_05:00” also manages to let out a few muted chimes of near-tonality. Semirhythmic thumps are encircled by high tonal specks which chime in split-second intervals as “Varied_09:07” does whatever it’s doing longer than the others.

With all relevant cues stripped away, it’s hard to tell… but “Varied_03:26” exists in a kind of eerie droneworld of writhing electron mists. Low energies pulse from the heart of eighth-and-final “Varied_07:00” accompanied by indistinct murmurs… undeniably intriguing.

Not-so-much virtual silence is semi-regularly interrupted by nanomechanical entities which chitter, pip and click through Varied teeny-tiny circumstances conceived and executed by the 0/r equation. I may not always know what’s going on exactly, but this time around I’m not frustratingly deaf to the enigmatic occurrences, so can enjoy their obtuse anti-musical goings-on at least on that level. Dazzlingly indefinable and expertly accomplished despite my sometimes-sassy demeanor… A-

12k is the source for such finely-wrought things.

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