Review of Occur [12k1013]

Ambientrance (US)

A true artist will follow their own muse wherever it leads them… not to the hot trend of the week; appropriately then, Taylor Deupree is once again called into the quieter side of the microglitchtronic galaxy… and not everyone will share his vision. Those who do will find the minimal occurences of Occur to be crystalline understatements of an exploratory nature.

Minute ringing sheens and scritchy blurts lurk through an ephemeral haze of 1s and 0s as the silicon jungle of “Occur 1” occasionally rumbles with subaudible bass pulsations. Similarly alive with nano-organics “Occur 2” could be a field recording from a computer-generated marsh.

A too-miniscule-to-be-distinct cycle of insectile chitter thrums behind the spaciously applied clicks and whirrs of “Occur 4”. Bathed in streams of static, “Occur 5” emits a repetitiously warbling tone and higher swirling strands. Energetically spewing molecules add a sense of elation to the more-dynamic spatters of “Occur 6”.

Shorty “Occur 7” (1:38) features the brief interplay of soft tones and little poppy specks against barely perceptible gaseousness. There’s a faraway-foghorn-like quality to the resonant tones of “Occur 9” (9:09) which seem to beckon, steering your ears through the sparkling channels of faintly percolating glitchcraft.

45 minutes of obtuse micronoise Occur under the loving guidance of 12k leader, Taylor Deupree… his renderings from the “snap, crackle and pop” pallette avoid any semblance to the straight-forward musical world, instead following unseen pathways into previously unheard regions. An 8.4 for these fragile audio enigmas.

12k is perhaps the leading source of such things, and more.

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