Review of Untitled [12k1008]

Alternative Press (US)

This compilation on Taylor Deupree’s (Prototype909/Human Mesh Dance) 12k label takes the current trend of glitch-based song construction a step further. Filtering digital glitches, sound file corruption and recorded media dropouts through minimal techno and electroacoustic compositional influences, the artists create soundtracks for subatomic netherworlds and love songs for geiger counters.

Richard Chartier’s “Untitled” almost opens the album – almost, because, without headphones, it’s inaudible. Microscopic clicks bounce from channel to channel, and bass, which is more deep-sea ear pressure than throb or pulse, softly fills your head. prodigy Dan Abrams’ (a.k.a. Shuttle358) and Albert Tan’s “Untitled” piece takes minimal techno to its lowest common denominator: glassy percussion taps out a repetitious beat, with accompaniment from hollow bass melodies and prismatic filtered drones. Deupree’s “A100Study00.01.31” is an ambient slow groove for static washes and EKG monitor.

With far too much detail to be ambient, and not enough audible presence to be techno, the tracks on this disc (which really should’ve been packaged with a great pair of headphones) are totally engrossing. Plug in the ‘phones and lose yourself in a bedbug sized world of physics-defying alteration of sound. – jason olariu

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