Review of Spec. [12k1007]

Alternative Press (US)

Electronic music of fascinating infinitesimal variations.

Much like some folks discuss the different permutations of grateful dead tunes or listen to endless bob dylan bootlegs, I find myself hopelessly addicted to spending quality time with anal-retentive electronica releases guaranteed to clear a room. Most self-respecting humans will probably find SPEC. to be an annoying cluster of noise that bears no relation to “music,” but my bet is that they don’t get off on the sound my refrigerator makes, either.

Although SPEC. doens’t enthrall like Taylor Deupree’s collaboration with Savvas Ysatis, Tower Of Winds, Richard Chartier’s crystalline contributions sound like a thousand glasses breaking in slow motion and are generally hypnotic in a masochistic way. Every time SPEC. threatens to become precious and repetitive, Chartier and Deupree make some microscopic adjustment to the groove that leaves you respecting their ability to make infinitesimal variations in a music that “moves” so little. – bill cohen

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