Review of A Piece Of String, A Sunset [12k1023]

All Music Guide (US)

Doron Sadja’s release for 12k is another in a long line of fresh artists Taylor Deupree has taken chance in releasing, and once again the risk more than pays off. For his debut, Sadja retains many of the qualities present on virtually every 12k release in recent memory. The first two tracks (all are untitled) are lengthy meditations on microscopic bits of digital dust acting as rhythm control, scattered over high-pitch frequencies that almost bring a white-hot, searing pain to the inner ear if listened to at a loud volume. However, the second half of String displays amazing versatility in Sadja’s abilities as a producer, with tracks that could be compared with the best organic-synthetic laptop musicians in the genre. Easily the most sublime moments of String come with the final composition’s heartbreakingly gorgeous, Fennesz-like guitar melodies, manipulated (of course) tastefully until they wither away into sub-bass nothingness. Of course, as with most 12k releases, this one seems woefully short in terms of length. However, if time limitations are a sign of quality over quantity, then this is a promising debut and a sign of potentially great things to come.

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