Review of Ääniesineitä [12k1034]

All Music Guide (.COM)

Antti Rannisto’s debut recording for 12k is an anomaly in the recent string of poignant, calm meditations from the label; wasting no time in declaring its intentions of difference courtesy of a two part four minute sine tone suite (all eleven tracks are untitled) that harkens back to the early years of electronic experimentation with analog synthesizers. From there, it’s a wild mishmash of influences and sounds (check the shout out to his fellow countryman Vladislav Delay’s Multila works on track 3) ranging from hip-hop, idm and the experimental forefathers that preceded him. The most amazing nugget on this disc is track nine, which sounds like a classic Chicago acid track thrown in a washing machine with some of the Raster-Noton camp’s more beat friendly compositions. A solid, if erratic, full length that shows Rannisto’s versatility and refusal to be pigeonholed into one particular sound or style. Kudos to 12k for taking such similar risks.

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