Review of September 19, 1998 Et Al. [12k1024]

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Take a pinch of Cage sensibilities and a dash of Braxton-induced structured improvisation, mix them together over beers with Morton Feldman, and you have this debut offering on 12k from Kenneth Kirschner. Taking many of the things Feldman was famous for within his works and putting them in a digital environment isn’t anything entirely new, but what separates Kirschner from other artists simliar in philosophy is that he’s employing acoustic instruments alongside the higher-end freqencies glittered sporadically throughout the pieces. This especially comes to the forefront on the reverb-heavy opening track. And while the remaining two pieces don’t necessarily employ the same technqiues (they’re more electronic-focused and of drone quality), the underlying premise remains the same throughout. Combining this with Kirschner’s collaboration with 12k label head Taylor Deupree is highly recommended, as it gives a clearer picture to the versatility of this promising, relatively new face in avant-garde electronic composition. — Rob Theakston

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