Review of A Traves Del Espejo [12k1085]

Against The Silence (GR)

(google translation from Greek)

There are label that watching the imprint in a disk understand immediately what music you hear. In this way they wonder how Federico Durand came in today to take off for the first time something through 12k which many associate him primarily with respect to the whole design. Still images with notes moving as Anemologio the middle of a desert meadow, viewed through the material and this disc the particular experimenter. It’s like there from the beginning to the end of a random element, of which way the wind will blow to lure touches on an invisible glockenspiel or a tweaked piano. This creates a series of recollections in a memory as it ages falls oblivion. There is this child and spontaneous element along an album, like the morning thoughts that then deletes the day brushed aside. But deeper in them, as in the material here that reminds a separate piece, worth to above.

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