Review of Apart [12k2048]

African Paper (DE)

(translated from German)

Simon Scott, drummer and founding member of the well-known shoegazer band Slowdive, is releasing a new solo album before the holidays, the style of which moves in the border area between ambient, minimal music and the use of field recordings. “Apart” was created this year under the immediate impression of the death of Scott’s father from Covid 19 and accompanies the musician’s grief work. Visiting places that are rooted in the shared past of father and son plays an important role, also when it comes to the selection of sampled sounds. Scott, who in addition to Slowdive has also played in groups like The Charlottes, Lowgold, Inner Sleeve and Televise, has more than ten years of solo work and individual collaborations with revered labels such as Miasmah, Sonic Pieces, Kompakt and Touch.

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