Review of Low Flying Owls [12k1099]

African Paper (DE)

Between, the collaborative music collective around 12K founders Taylor Dupree and Stephen Vitiello, will soon be releasing a new long player. “Low Flying Owls”, which started a year ago on the basis of guitars and electronics, was gradually expanded to its opulent form in the months that followed with contributions from five other acts. Molly Berg, Corey Fuller, Marcus Fischer, Federico Durand and Michael Grigoni have contributed voice, clarinets, drums, piano, additional guitar parts, field recordings and the sounds of deliberately repurposed objects. The result is an impressionistic melange of sounds that breaks up numerous genre concepts, which fade into ever-changing constellations without ever giving up their recognizability.

The album will be available on CD and for download on 12K on April 7th, and will be accompanied by a 46-page book of collages made at the same time by Marcus Fischer from photographs taken during the recording process.

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